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  • Lenovo Superfish Adware leaves security hole

    Lenovo preinstalling adware on computers This week it came to my attention that Lenovo were in trouble for pre-installing adware called Superfish onto their machines before sale. This initially doesn’t seem like a particularly big deal but let me tell you it is. As a …

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  • What is a domain name and why do I need one?

    Recently I mentioned domain names to a customer and they asked me if they really needed one. So for the benefit of you all I am here to tell you why you need a domain name and how it can really help your company to …

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  • Still using XP? All you need to know about Windows 7 & 8.1

      Are you still using Windows XP? Many people are but since we published the news that XP was facing its end of life in the February newsletter that is changing for our clients. We have been inundated with people asking for help making the …

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  • Today your mobile devices need security software too!

    Did you know that nowadays a smartphone or a tablet without protection puts you and your company at risk? No matter whether you’re using your smartphone to check your business social media account or go to online banking there’s always room for malware and hackers …

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  • What is a Computer Virus and how to avoid it?

    This post will teach you what computer viruses are, how they spread, and what precautionary steps you can take to avoid Internet threats. Don’t think that being careful online will protect you from the danger – nowadays you still need the best Antivirus Solution, however, …

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  • How did Jan benefit from migrating his Website to us?

    Jan Zawada – a musician, photography business owner and our client realised one day that his web host was charging him lots of additional fees. We were happy to help Jan move his website from his old dishonest host and promised that with our …

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  • Start button missing in Windows 8 – Microsoft mistake?

    In one of our latest blog posts we’ve collected the biggest Microsoft’s mistakes; Tony, our customer, read the post and asked us one day: “Don’t you think a Start button and menu missing in Windows 8 is a huge Microsoft flop too?” We totally agree …

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