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  • AntiVirus 101 for small businesses

    What is virus protection software and why should my business care about it? To put it simply, virus protection software is a piece of software installed on your computer (or server/ mac) which is designed to prevent, detect and remove malicious software. AntiVirus software should …

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  • What scams should you look out for?

    According to Ofcom adults in the UK spend over 20 hours of their spare time on the internet a week. It takes just a moment to get scammed.   Fake order confirmation emails Fake Amazon and iTunes order confirmation emails are a common scam. You …

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  • Updates are important and here is why

    New Windows Security Flaw Microsoft’s Chief of Windows, Terry Myerson, has acknowledged that an unpatched flaw in the Windows operating system is being exploited to infect PCs and gain access to potentially sensitive data. Myerson has accused a group of hackers called Strontium (aka APT28 and …

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  • 6 Mobile Security threats everyone should be aware of

    We have said it before and we will say it again… mobile devices are taking over. So being clued up on what security threats you could be facing when you user mobile devices is becoming increasingly important. We have 6 mobile security threats that everyone …

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  • Security Flaw: old software is leaving you vulnerable

    Unused software on your PC, Mac or mobile device could be leaving your device open to attack. Software – programs or applications stored on a computer system (PC, Mac, Mobile Device) A cluttered hard drive is not only slower but when it is full of …

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  • Security Announcement: Android security flaw

    A serious security flaw in many Android phones has users worried. The flaw is a bug in the Qualcomm processors which are found in about 900 million mobile phones. Exploiting the bugs would allow an attacker to gradually be able to take more control over a …

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  • Spam Decrease: Are the spammers giving up?

    Does it sometimes feel like you receive more spam than anything else in your inbox? Well, despite this it appears that the percentage of emails that are classified as junk has dropped to only 52.7% of all email traffic. Considering that in June 2009 it was …

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