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  • Security Flaw: old software is leaving you vulnerable

    Unused software on your PC, Mac or mobile device could be leaving your device open to attack. Software – programs or applications stored on a computer system (PC, Mac, Mobile Device) A cluttered hard drive is not only slower but when it is full of …

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  • Security Announcement: Android security flaw

    A serious security flaw in many Android phones has users worried. The flaw is a bug in the Qualcomm processors which are found in about 900 million mobile phones. Exploiting the bugs would allow an attacker to gradually be able to take more control over a …

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  • Spam Decrease: Are the spammers giving up?

    Does it sometimes feel like you receive more spam than anything else in your inbox? Well, despite this it appears that the percentage of emails that are classified as junk has dropped to only 52.7% of all email traffic. Considering that in June 2009 it was …

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  • Sneak Peak: Unified Threat Management

    Here at ITC we are always looking at new technology so that we can help you get the most out of your IT. At the moment we are focusing on Unified Threat Management. So what is Unified Threat Management (UTM)? Unified Threat Management is the …

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  • Email security: Protecting your business on the frontline

    Email security on the mind Recently we published an article on socially engineered phishing scams and it is clear that email security is something which our customers are worried about. There is no way to avoid it, our emails are a vulnerability but there are …

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  • Security Announcement: Phishing emails and fraud

    Recently one of our customers suffered a considerable financial loss due to fraud completed with the help of phishing emails. We wanted to let you know so that you can protect your business from similar attacks. What is Phishing? A phishing attack is a fake email …

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  • Security Announcement: AVG to sell customer data

    Important security announcement for AVG AntiVirus customers On the 15th of October AVG updated its privacy policy to state that it may sell ‘non-personal’ customer data to third-party advertisers. This non-personal data includes browsing and search history, advertising IDS, applications which are being used and …

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