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  • What should you be looking for in a new computer?

    With the release of Windows 10, many people are upgrading their hardware. There are benefits to this including speed, reliability and the likelihood of receiving a machine with Windows 10 preinstalled on it. We want to help, so here are some things you should think …

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  • 4 reasons you should wait to upgrade to Windows 10

    There are lots of reasons why Windows 10 is the best operating system yet but there are some very good reasons to wait before you make the leap of faith and make the change on your beloved PC/ Laptop/ Company to Windows 10. 1. Your …

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  • Work faster with our internet browsing tips

    Do you ever get frustrated with your internet browser? We have some tips and tricks that will help make your internet browser work for you! Terminology Web/ internet browser – a software application on your computer used to locate, retrieve and display content on the World …

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  • Could the 3-2-1 backup rule save you?

    What?     3 copies of anything you need With anything that is important enough to take a backup of you don’t just want to take one. You want to take 2. Why? Because if one of your backups fails or is corrupted then you …

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  • Should I replace my computer?

    Do I need to replace my computer? This can be a difficult question to answer because it depends quite heavily on how you or your employees use your computers and your requirements from a system. Having said most Total Cost of Ownership studies agree that …

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  • Not sure what to do with your old computer? We can help.

    The average working life span for a computer is 3 years. If you own computers for 60 years of your life and replace them when recommended you will have owned around 20 computers; they may begin to take up quite a bit of space. If …

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  • Lenovo Superfish Adware leaves security hole

    Lenovo preinstalling adware on computers This week it came to my attention that Lenovo were in trouble for pre-installing adware called Superfish onto their machines before sale. This initially doesn’t seem like a particularly big deal but let me tell you it is. As a …

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