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  • Could you lose £4.6m? The importance of data migration

    Data migration is incredibly important; you never know what could be hiding on your old hard drive. The temptation to move to your new laptop without a second thought for your old one can be strong. You have a lovely, shiny, new machine that leaves …

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  • The top 5 factors to consider before choosing a web host

    You might be suspicious that we, as a web host, want to advise you how to choose your hosting provider. However we promise we’ll be as critical and fair about our services and those of our competitors as possible. 1. Price This is the aspect …

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  • How to relocate your IT smoothly when moving office?

    Moving office can be a stressful and costly experience; apart from the practical difficulties of moving, your daily operations may be interrupted, negatively affecting your bottom line. However, it does not have to be chaotic at all if you’ve planned everything carefully in advance, including relocating …

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  • Incorporating IT into your HR Processes

    Any time you hire or fire an employee, you’ll most likely need help with things like deleting/creating accounts or migrating data. In this blog post we would like you to realise how closely IT engineers should work with your company HR department. When employee leaves …

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  • Computer hardware setup, repairs, and upgrades

    Last week we published a blog post letting you know when we can fix your IT issues remotely, and when our visit is needed. Talking about providing you on-site support, do you know what hardware we can set up, fix or upgrade for you? In this …

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  • Do I need a local IT company when remote support is available?

    Business development experts believe that diversity is good for your business as it gives you access to different services, and eventually helps reduce costs as you’ve compared and selected the most suitable options. Choosing an IT support provider who can fix your issues in a variety …

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  • How to create a perfect support ticket

    This Autumn we’ve reviewed our support and we’re introducing changes to improve our response rate. Please read this blog post guiding you how to create a perfect support ticket to help us achieve our goal to ensure you receive a faster response to your IT issues …

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