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  • Lenovo Superfish Adware leaves security hole

    Lenovo preinstalling adware on computers This week it came to my attention that Lenovo were in trouble for pre-installing adware called Superfish onto their machines before sale. This initially doesn’t seem like a particularly big deal but let me tell you it is. As a …

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  • Give your files a Spring clean

    January is here and it’s time to get your files safe and in order! We all know that we should keep our computer files in order but sometimes that is easier said than done. Having said that, there is no better time than the start …

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  • How to choose a great domain name for your company

    It can be difficult to choose a great domain name for your company; it will forever define and identify your business. However, with our simple ‘how to’ we can guide you in choosing a domain name which you will be proud to associate with your …

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  • How can you fight spam? A comprehensive guide.

    Spam the biggest mailbox time waster You are probably accustomed to your mailbox being flooded with spam offering suspicious loans and weird adult services.  According to BBC research, around 90% of all emails sent are spam and deleting them is a huge waste of time. …

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  • What is spam?

    Many of us spend our precious time trawling through and deleting unsolicited emails which have flooded and overwhelmed our inboxes; these emails are often referred to as spam or junk mail. I’m here to tell you a little more about those annoying emails and help …

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  • Public Wifi: not as safe as you might think

    Wifi is such an important part of our lives and people are rarely disconnected from the internet and all its wonders. So it’s great when you find a free Wifi hotspot in your local cafe, pub or hotel and you can check your emails and …

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  • Support Ticket Priorities

    Support Ticket Priorities Explained We receive many requests for support every day here at ITC, we helping our customers and ensuring that you have a satisfying resolution as soon as possible. In order to do this we have to set priorities based on the emergency …

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