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  • Public Wifi: not as safe as you might think

    Wifi is such an important part of our lives and people are rarely disconnected from the internet and all its wonders. So it’s great when you find a free Wifi hotspot in your local cafe, pub or hotel and you can check your emails and …

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  • Support Ticket Priorities

    Support Ticket Priorities Explained We receive many requests for support every day here at ITC, we helping our customers and ensuring that you have a satisfying resolution as soon as possible. In order to do this we have to set priorities based on the emergency …

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  • Ticket creation and submission – the key to faster support

    Ticket creation and submission To help us deal with your support requests in the most efficient manner, there are a few things that you can do. I  am here to tell you what they are! Ticket Do: If you possibly can, please submit your support …

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  • Is your password leaving you vulnerable?

    The importance of your password We live in the online era; you can shop, talk with friends, share pictures, share your innermost thoughts, do your banking and so much more on the internet. The World Wide Web has revolutionalised the way that we go about …

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  • Heartbleed- Is your information safe?

    Heartbleed This month there has been a lot of coverage on the Heartbleed bug which is said to have left us all susceptible to having our private information stolen. I am here to let you know what Heartbleed really is, what it means for you …

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  • Could you lose £4.6m? The importance of data migration

    Data migration is incredibly important; you never know what could be hiding on your old hard drive. The temptation to move to your new laptop without a second thought for your old one can be strong. You have a lovely, shiny, new machine that leaves …

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  • The top 5 factors to consider before choosing a web host

    You might be suspicious that we, as a web host, want to advise you how to choose your hosting provider. However we promise we’ll be as critical and fair about our services and those of our competitors as possible. 1. Price This is the aspect …

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