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Google Apps for Work is now G Suite

g suiteGoogle Apps is now Google Cloud and Google Apps for Work is now G Suite!

Google Apps for work has been through several evolutions since its release 10 years ago. Google is known for its innovation and has made this latest change to G Suite reflects the mission to ‘help people everywhere work and innovate together and to empower organisations to move faster and achieve more’.


What is included?

A before with Google Apps for Work, G Suite includes Calendar, Drive, Docs, Gmail, Maps for Work, Search for Work, Sheets and Slides.

Google has also said that with the new G Suite there will be new features on the way including smarter: storage, scheduling, spreadsheets, presentations and Meetings/ Drive for Teams.

As a Google Cloud Partner we can provide you with a professional, personalised G Suite solution for your company. We are also offering a 30 days free when you sign up for G Suite today!

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