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My 2 weeks work experience at ITC

My 2 weeks work experience at ITCI am now coming to the end of my final day working with ITC and as I review my experience I realise that even since my last blog post there is so much more that I have accomplished!

Since I learnt how to publish my previous post, ITC have taught me to find the right components and use them to build a computer from scratch, I have also learn how to create and edit websites, what HTML code is, how to use it effectively as well as developing what I learnt earlier in this experience to code a pen drive to back up data, troubleshoot more problems and prepare yet more computers for awaiting customers.

Though as I look back on the last couple of weeks I can now see that not just my IT skills have developed but also my self-confidence, intuitive, and my ability to work with new people.

So once again I must thank the ITC team for not only allowing me to be here, but for welcoming me here and teaching me all they have. As I said before in my first blog post my knowledge of computers is not as incredible as that of the team but I’m pleased to say I feel that mine is now at least a little closer to their standards.


This blog post was written by our Apprentice, Charlie Sunderland.

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