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With the advent of the Internet, security has become an increasing concern for many of our customers. Nowadays, you’ll be hard pushed to find a computer that doesn’t have Antivirus Protection or a firewall installed.

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In order to ensure our customers’ data is entirely secure against online threats, ITC offers you our AV solution which is best tailored to small business owners’ needs.

Why is our Antivirus Protection the best?

  • Our AV Protection keeps you away from more viruses and other Internet threats than any other program available
  • Free remote installation by ITC – no hassle for you! We’ll also deal with all AV Software default technical questions
  • Does not slow your computer down when working, in contrast to other Antivirus solutions
  • Cost-effective: £4.99 + VAT per machine per month
  • Includes proactive security, health, updates and performance monitoring

ITC’s Support Agent & AntiVirus Software is the ideal solution for Computers running Windows, for Macs, and also runs smoothly on Windows legacy systems, MS-DOS, file servers, mail servers, and more.

Do I need Antivirus Software for Mac?

Absolutely! Despite popular belief, Macs get viruses and malware too! There was once a time when Macs were much less likely to get infected with a virus or malware but as of 2016 if you are a Mac user you are just as likely to experience a vulnerability or attack.

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