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  • Revealed: Top 7 computer security mistakes you must stop making!

    Who knows better how to breach your computer security than hackers themselves?! Hacker’s everyday job is to look for errors in security so they can hack your computers. The two professional hackers have recently identified these 7 common mistakes we all make over and over …

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  • A New Marketing & PR Coordinator joins the team

    At ITC we are delighted to announce that we have taken on board Marta Kot, our new Marketing and PR Coordinator. Marta is a recent Bournemouth University postgraduate in Public Relations with experience in marketing and corporate and media communications. As you can expect, Marta …

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  • What is disk defragmentation and how to run it?

    In our latest Newsletter we’ve talked about the top 7 computer mistakes you need to avoid making. Many of our Newsletter subscribers have asked us about the disk defragmentation and how they can run it on their computers. Here’s a quick overview of what disk …

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  • Everything you should know about superfast 4G Mobile Network

    You may have already heard the news about the launch of 4G (fourth generation) mobile network in UK, however for those who haven’t, Britain’s firts superfast 4G network rolled out on 30th of October. The 4G network has initially been available for consumers in 11 …

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  • Are you making these top 7 computer mistakes?

    If your computer is important to you don’t let it become slow and underperforming. I’m sure you do take care of your car so why not look after your PC too?! There are a lot of mistakes people keep making when they use their computers. …

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  • Beware of Microsoft phone Scam that is being run from India!

    We’ve recently received a couple of phone calls from our customers asking us about a strange phone call they received. The Scam phone caller introduces himself as an employee of Microsoft – “Hello, I’m from Microsoft… (with Indian accent). He will tell you that there …

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  • How to be faster in writing and reading your emails

    If you use Gmail or Google Apps for Business you’re the lucky one as you can write and read your emails much faster.  Wondering how?! The following 5 Gmail shortcuts will help you to compose, read and reply to your emails much quicker. Top 5 …

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