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2016 in review

2016 has been a fantastic year for ITC so we thought we would take the opportunity to share our successes with you.

Our top 3 successes of 2016 are:

1. Windows 10 migrations

100s of successful customer upgrades to Windows 10, whether it was through new hardware, free upgrades or fixing issues with an initially troublesome upgrade we have successfully ensured that many of our customers have made it on to Windows 10. Despite the initial hiccups, we are sure that it is the best version of Windows yet.

2. Office 365

Along with Microsoft’s move to Windows 10, there has been a big rise in using Office365. Office365 has become the preferred method of purchasing the Microsoft Office Suite and we have migrated many of our customers to a fully cloud-based solution which includes Office365.

3. Universal security

This year we have implemented password policies for many of our customers, setup many VPNs for customer remote access, deployed mobile device management and unified threat management. Further to this, we know that you are more aware of your security and it is clear that our user education is having an impact; many of you asking about password security and protection, and suspicious emails and attachments. We are also very pleased with the success of our network safeguarding poster which can be found here: Network Safeguarding


In light of these successes, we are now thinking about what is ahead of us and what we hope to achieve in 2017.

1. Continued focus on improving security

As we said above, we have made a lot of progress in improving your security over the last year but there is still a long way to go. We would like to continue

2. Facilitating a mobile workforce

Increasingly, companies are choosing to have team members working remotely (whether on the road or working from home) and by providing cloud solutions, support and VPN access we want to ensure that you have a workforce which is not only flexible and mobile but secure.

3. Customer engagement

Over the last year, we have seen more of our customers and been more aware of how we are performing in your eyes. The results of our Client Heartbeat has really highlighted this and so we would like to continue engaging you and assisting you with your IT strategy planning and, at this time of year, annual planning.


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