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  • Improvements to our payment and ordering process

    Our customers may be aware that we are currently in the process of making improvements to our billing, payments and ordering processes. We are constantly striving to provide our customers with the best possible service, not only when it comes to support but in other …

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  • Network security: where is your weak link?

    Security is a big deal. This sounds obvious but many small businesses are neglecting the security of their businesses. This neglect could be for a number of reasons including something which can be a big concern for small business owners; money. However, neglecting the security …

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  • Upgrading to Windows 10

    Only 3 months left to claim your free Windows 10 upgrade. We recommend that when performing a Windows 10 upgrade it should be done on a fresh install to ensure a smooth transition to a Windows 10 operating system. This process is very important to …

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  • Windows 10: It is time!

    As of 28th July 2016 Windows users will have to pay to upgrade to the Windows 10 operating system. Now is the time to upgrade to Windows 10. But wait! Read on first… After a great deal of trialing and testing we have found Windows …

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As of 3rd April 2018, ITC is now proud to be part of Net Primates incorporating all of the existing products, services, and customers that have previously been supported by ITC.

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