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Microsoft’s 3 Biggest Failures

Microsoft is one of the world’s valuable companies and during its many years on the market developed a wide range of recognised computing products and services. However, we all make mistakes in our businesses and even Microsoft couldn’t avoid some failures, either in terms of a quality of product or in marketing – we’ve collected these flops and written this blog post for you. Enjoy!

Windows Vista, XP’s poor successor Windows_Vista

Windows Vista was supposed to be an improved version of Windows XP. However, in fact,Vista received a great deal of negative reviews because of issues with privacy, security, performance, and the product activation process. Fortunately, it was quick replaced by Windows 7 and later on – the latest Windows 8, which our engineers are happy to tell you more about.

Microsoft Kin, was expected to be a social networking phone…but only lasted two months.

Remember the Kin phone from Microsoft? We don’t blame you if you are not sure what we’re talking about. It was in 2010 when Microsoft released social-driven smartphones aimed at teenagers, but the phone’s lack of apps and a high cost contributed to the demise of the Kin only two months later. If you would like to learn more about other controversial smartphones for businesses, read our blog posts about iPhone 5 or Blackberry 10.

Windows Live OneCare sales discontinued unexpectedly.

According to our engineers, Windows Live OneCare was a decent Antivirus Software for small businesses, but in November 2008, Microsoft announced that Windows Live OneCare would be discontinued and replaced by a free Antivirus solution, which is clearly less effective than its predecessor. However, none of the aforementioned Antivirus solutions can compare to our ITC Antivirus powered by ESET.

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