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30 days: Windows Server 2003 reaches End of Life

You may remember that Windows XP reached it’s end of life last year resulting in many upgrading to a newer operating system. Well, Windows Server 2003 is, similarly, reaching it’s end of life!


The countdown has begun for Windows Server 2003

It is now only 30 days until Windows Server 2003 support is retired on the 14th July 2015.

Essentially this means that support will no longer be provided for the 12 year old operating system; no more updates, security patches or bug fixes will be released. The consequences of this are that any server still running the software will become insecure and the chances of viruses, malware and other malicious incidences occurring will increase exponentially as time passes.

Are you still running Windows Server 2003?

If you are then now is the time to consider your options moving forwards. Please see this article on what this means for you and your options for the future.

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For more information from Microsoft please see here

Windows Server 2003 support ending

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