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5 Simple Steps to a Better Business Website – Part 2

This is part 2 of our 5 simple steps to a better business website.

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3. Social Media

Stay socially active with a range of social media sites to suit you business and clients needs. Social media allows you to share content with thousands of followers at once, at no or low cost. It’s perfect for any business size and can help generate more clients and more traffic to your website.

What are the benefits of using Social Media?

Show your audience that you care through useful information, that provides links to your new blog posts, services, or landing pages. This is a great example of how you can generate more traffic to your website and landing pages.

A subtle way to build your reputation is to share reviews left on social media platforms like Facebook or Google+. This advertises your achievements and builds the trust between you and potential clients.

It’s an easy way to learn more about your audience, by analysing the people that are following you, you can easily break down the target demographic. For example their age, gender, location and primary language, which can be used to create content to target them specifically.

You can improve your relationships with customers. By using social media to post and share your company’s news, events and offers, you can receive instant feedback.


How to get started:

  • Choose the right social media network: make sure your content is reached the right people. For example, if you main focus is businesses, then consider using LinkedIn or Facebook. However, if you focus on visuals then opt for Instagram or Pinterest.
  • Create a business profile on each social media site you’ve chosen to use: each platform should include a short description of your company, your contact details and links to your website, along with relevant photos and a logo.
  • Plan your social media strategy: invest a few hours into planning the type of content you want to post. Schedule your posts weeks in advance so you can ensure your content runs smoothly.
  • Schedule your posts: make sure regular posts are running off your social media pages. Monitor the best days to post for your followers and regularly stick to their patterns.


 4. Blogging

The times are changing. Nearly twenty years ago, blogging never existed but now there’s over 150 million of them. A frequent blog post is an effective tool for you business as it shares your expertise and promotes your achievements.

What are the benefits of blogging?

Using SEO keywords, it can boost your web pages ranking on search engines. A regular blog post also updates the website, to be interesting and unique.

It’s a great chance to showcase your expertise and recent activities. Blogs can be used as a PR tool to show your clients you’re an expert in your industry field.

A blog connects people to your brand. People buy from people, and businesses they feel they can trust. It’s a great chance to show people the ‘human side’ to your business.


How to get started

  • Make each post relevant to your target audience: this will build relationships and create followers.
  • Make it interesting: Blog posts need to be engaging with your audience, it should provide them with new information from an expert. Use images, charts, diagrams or videos to make the post stand out and be more eye catching. This will also help to illustrate the topic and allow audiences to absorb the information more easily.
  • Share it on social media sites and on your online emailing system. This will generate traffic to your website and maximise your blog’s potential.
  • Integrate your blog into your website: ideally your blog should be home to your company website. This will encourage people to click through your website.


5.Landing Pages

To finish let’s talk about landing pages. A landing page is a great advertising strategy to home your client onto one page, focused on one product. Without the distraction of external links to push them away.

Our principle: Never Start A Marketing Campaign Without A Dedicated Landing Page.

What are the benefits of a landing page?

A landing page allows you to sell worldwide 24/7: this works like a salesperson who works for you around the clock, even out of working hours.

Creates an automated stream of leads: a landing page that converts well can usually generate a continuous stream of leads. Turn up the advertising for that page to increase your traffic.

Clients respond better to matching message: landing pages direct the client to a link that was originally clicked. Visitors like it when clicking on a link that takes them straight to the type of content they were looking for.

Make it simple: warm up your visors. Clearly list the features and benefits of your product, the more complicated and expensive it is, the less likely you will generate a sale.

Make management easy: You can create multiple landing pages and track their individual performance using Google Analytics. This is a great way to easily track your results and see what improvements could be made.


How to get started

  • Decide on your aim: a call to action should be clearly visible on each landing page. This is how you plan to convert visitors into leads. For example, are you trying to gather customer details or warm them up to a product?
  • Design a landing page: choose to do it yourself or get a web designer to do it for you.
  • Launch your landing page: follow with a marketing campaign to drive traffic to your landing page. This can be achieved by emailing, Facebook ads or a banner on your website.
  • Track your results: use an analytics package to measure your results and evaluate what improvements could be made.


These five detailed steps should help you to achieve a better business website!


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