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6 Mobile Security threats everyone should be aware of

mobile device securityWe have said it before and we will say it again… mobile devices are taking over. So being clued up on what security threats you could be facing when you user mobile devices is becoming increasingly important.

We have 6 mobile security threats that everyone (especially small business owners) should be aware of.

Data leakage

Mobile applications will often ask for widespread permissions when you first use them, unfortunately, providing these apps with widespread permissions often means that they have access to the data on your mobile device. The data can then be sent to a remote server and accessed by marketers for analysis. Unfortunately, these information pools are susceptible to attack and it might not be long before a cyber criminal has your data!

What you can do: Only give apps permissions that they insist on.

Unsecured WiFi

Many of us use free WiFi networks when we are out and about but free WiFi networks are likely to be unsecured. See our article here for more information.

What you can do: Never use free WiFi networks to shop online or access banking

Network Spoofing

This is when a fake access point has been setup by someone with malintent. In high traffic areas people have been known to setup a network with a generic name such as ‘Coffee Shop WiFi’, the public will try and connect, often they will often be required to setup an account to access the Wifi. Unsurprisingly, people are likely to put in a regular email and password combination which allows the hackers to access private accounts.

What you can do: Use fake details when filling in untrusted web forms

Phishing attacks

We know phishing attacks are something to be aware of but on mobile devices there are even more difficult to identify. On mobile devices emails can look legitimate when they might not on a PC and it is more difficult to spot a suspicious link.

What you can do: Never click unfamiliar email links and enter URLs manually to be safe.

Communication interception

This one isn’t neccessarily a concern for everyone as they are ususally targetted attached but it is important to be aware that cellular data transmissions can be intercepted and decrypted! Also, it can be difficult to ensure that you are speaking to the correct person on the phone.

What you can do: Do not give out passwords or discuss delicate topics over the phone.

Physical access

By the very nature of a mobile device they are small, portable and lightweight. This makes it easier for them to get lost or stolen. If a device falls into the wrong hands then it can mean that the person will have access to any data on the phone.

What you can do: Employ remote device wiping 


To improve the security of your personal and business data you may want to consider employing a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution. For more information on our MDM solution see here.

If you are concern that your mobile device may have been compromised then please call us now! 023 8024 9820

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