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Antivirus week & clients’ experience with free editions

Many people keep asking us questions about Antivirus software so we decided to call the week commencing 16 April the Antivirus week.  The idea behind it was to gather any questions people may have when it comes to paid and free Antivirus Software or PC security.

Our social media profiles on LinkedIn and Twitter were heavily involved and people were given a chance to reply, comment and share any information they would like to know about Antivirus.

Here you can see a couple of examples:

Series of tweets posted during the Antivirus week

A short poll we created on LinkedIn


We thank all of you who got involved!

We will summarise all the information we received and create a series of blog posts dedicated to Antivirus and everything you should know about it. If you would like to get all the information about Antivirus straight to you Mailbox you can sign up for our FREE monthly Newsletter. Just enter your email below: 

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Meanwhile, you can read about our client’s bad experience with one of the FREE Antivirus versions and how we solved the issue for them.

Customers’ experience with Free AVG Antivirus

One of our client’s had the free version of Antivirus installed on his PC. He downloaded the FREE AVG Antivirus edition and thought his computer was protected. However, his PC got infected with virus that ‘hid’ all files and the hard disk became empty.

Fortunately for him all files were saved as our IT technician; Andrew solved the issue by completely restoring the system. He then also uninstalled AVG and cleaned client’s PC with NOD32 Antivirus from ESET, the software we use to protect our computers here @ITC.

A lesson to learn!

Free Antivirus versions offer only minimum level of protection and you put yourself and, most importantly, your business at risk if you use those editions. Remember that if your PC gets infected, the virus can steal all your valuable data.

If you would like to protect your computers from threats on the Internet, let us know so we can find the best possible solution for you.

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