April 2016 Offer

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ITC standard upgrade to Windows 10 for the fixed price of £199.00 excluding VAT.

For £199.00 we will

  1. Assess your eligibility (click here to see the criteria)
  2. Take a full backup of the data on your machine
  3. Perform a system wipe
  4. Reinstall the Operating System and Updates
  5. Restore your data
  6. Reinstal your software (providing codes and disks are supplied)

Please note that neither pickup or dropoff/ reinstallation of the machine/s onsite are included in the fixed price offer. However, if you are a Care Plan customer you can use your Banked Hours to cover pick up and reinstallation of the machine/s onsite at your office or home.


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02380 249 820



This offer is valid until 31st May 2016


Due to the popularity of this offer we have extended the end date until 30th June 2016.

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As of 3rd April 2018, ITC is now proud to be part of Net Primates incorporating all of the existing products, services, and customers that have previously been supported by ITC.

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