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Baffled by email terminology?

As email gets more complicated it’s important to understand the terminology associated with it.

Here are some important words and phrases that you should know!


An email alias is an extra email address which is associated with your email mailbox. You can have as many aliases to your mailbox as you need or want. It can be particularly useful if you have a difficult to spell email address.


Email forwarding is a way to send an email that is delivered to one mailbox to another mailbox. Email forwarders allow you to send a copy of an email from one mailbox to another automatically.

Shared Mailbox

A shared mailbox is an inbox which allows multiple people to send and receive email from the same address. A shared mailbox doesn’t have a password and you can’t access a shared mailbox directly.


Email delegation allows someone else to access and manage your mailbox and calendar. This can be useful if you need someone to schedule in appointments or respond to emails when you are not available.


An email group is when an email address is created without a mailbox associated, any email sent to that email address will be received by any person (mailbox) associated with the group.


An automatically generated email response to all messages sent to a particular email address.


Like a letter sent to a return address; a bounceback means that your message didn’t make it to the intended recipient. The bounceback serves to let you know that something has prevented your email from being received; for example the email address doesn’t exist or your domain has been blacklisted.

CC and BCC

CC (carbon copy) – if you want to copy someone into an email and you want the TO: recipient to see it.

BCC (blind carbon copy) – if you want to send someone a copy of an email but you do not want the other recipients to see that you sent them a copy (this is great if you are sending an email to many people and do not want to give everyone’s email addresses away).


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