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Benefits of IT outsourcing for small businesses

Have you thought about outsourcing your IT?

If the answer is no then why not?

Outsourcing you IT support could hold many benefits to you and your company and here are 5 reasons why we think outsourcing your IT is the best choice for small businesses.

You can reduce your costs

Having an IT department within a small business is very costly; extra salaries to pay, equipment to buy and the need for more space to house them (and no it’s not okay to keep your IT department in the basement). By outsourcing you IT you ensure that your business’ IT needs can be met without adding costly pay-outs to your business and you can pay only for what you need as you need it.

You can take advantage of predictable support

Although you may have an in-house expert who has been appointed to deal with IT issues when they arise, you have to consider that this person will not be guaranteed to be available throughout the year. They will have a holiday, occasionally get sick or perhaps their work load may mean that they cannot prioritise effectively.  Outsourcing can work as a stand alone solution but you can also outsource your IT to support your in-house expert.

You the ability to focus entirely on your business

Have you ever spent more time trying to fix a problem with your computer or someone else’s than doing actual work? We have had many small business users over the years come to us and profess that they seem to spend more time doing IT than doing their job. Outsourcing gives you the time to focus on your company’s core business activates and growing your business.

You can stay updated

Your IT Company will have contact with manufactures and resellers and will be able to recommend the best software and hardware for your needs. They will also ensure that the hardware and software you purchase is up to date. Before offering their products and services they will have done market research to ensure they are offering their customers the best, saving you the hassle of seeing what’s on the market.

You know exactly what you are paying for

Instead of paying for a department within your business, you will be paying by invoice. This means that charges will be broken up into hardware/software purchases and ongoing support costs. This makes it easier to trace and easier to assess your costs, should you wish to make changes to your services or products.

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