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Beware of this domain renewal Scam letter!

Click to viewWe have recently received a domain renewal Scam letter from company called Domain Renewal Group which states that our domain will soon expire and reminds us to renew it. However, if you read it carefully you can find out that it’s an invitation letter to transfer the domain to them.

I have to say that they really put lot of effort into it as it looks very professional, official and most importantly it’s written very much like an invoice. It’s obvious that they are trying to catch some busy individual who would just quickly skip through it and make a payment, thinking that it’s another bill that must be paid.


If you receive the same letter – DO NOT PAY TO DOMAIN RENEWAL GROUP! It’s a Scam!!!

These types of Spam letters are sometimes sent by real companies trying to persuade people to transfer the services to them. It’s crucial to remember that your current provider will contact you, usually via automated email, when your domain name is due for renewal.

Our Domain Registration & Management Specialist, Kate Ames says:

“Here at ITC, we send our customers an automated email 30 days in advance notifying them of their domain name expiry date as well as an invoice for the renewal. If a domain is registered through us you should not be asked for payment from anyone else. Any emails you receive asking for money for any services that you do not recognise should be treated as suspicious. Please always feel free to contact us if you are concerned, we will always be happy to clarify the situation for you”.

What to do when you receive a domain renewal Scam letter

  • Always know who looks after your domain name and website!
  • Read it carefully!
  • If you aren’t sure about letters related to your web or email hosting, always ask your IT department or webmaster or contact the company who you purchased the domain name from!

What to do if you’ve already paid?

ITC recommends you:

  • Contact immediately your bank and ask to cancel your card or request a charge back
  • Get in touch with your domain registrar company and let them know about the Scam Letter and that you have paid

Our Domain Registration & Management Specialist, Kate Ames says:

“If you have paid a scam invoice and are concerned that your domain may have been transferred please contact us and we will be happy to put your mind at rest.  Domains are kept ‘locked’ as a precaution as this adds to their security and means any transfer requests need to be positively activated by us”.

If you have any doubts please contact us and we will be happy to help and advise you!


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