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Broadband reviews for our regular customers

Many companies do not realise that the broadband that they are receiving is not the best that is available to them. This is why we are currently reviewing our customer’s broadband service to assess if the bandwidth and speeds that they are receiving are the best that they can get.

For so many businesses a good connection to the internet is fundamental, with many businesses relying on VoIP, remote workers and international business. And that isn’t even considering the time spent waiting for a webpage to load or turning the router off and on again for the 100th time this week.

A broadband service which is unreliable or slow can cost the business money and cripple productivity.

  • On average UK workers are losing 15 minutes a day due to internet issues.
  • 57% of small to medium size businesses cannot function without an internet connection.
  • 39% of employees say their internet is faster at home.
  • 37% of small to medium sized business owners do not know how fast their current internet connection is.

If you have not yet received your broadband review but would like one to see if you can save money and improve your internet connection CONTACT US NOW!

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