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Collaboration between HR and IT departments

HR and IT may be unlikely partners, but they have a very important thing in common and it is becoming increasingly necessary for HR departments and IT departments to communicate to protect company security.

IT departments and companies face the difficult task of keeping businesses systems and data free from compromise. Unfortunately, the biggest problem isn’t technical, it’s human. That’s where HR should be collaborating.

Training and EducationTeacher lecturing to several students, with notebooks

Education and training is usually an area for HR but teams should receive regular training and education when it comes to security, and more specifically how to protect the company. Issues such as identifying phishing attacks, how and where to store data, how to transmit data and what to do when you suspect a cyber attack.

Without training security or data can be compromised.

Taking control of access rights

The massive growth of data and the addition of different devices within the workplace poses considerable challenges when it comes to preventing the spread of sensitive data. In most organisations, data moves freely and is constantly updated, changed and moved.  IT departments are responsible for understanding and managing how this sensitive data travels within an organisation by pro-actively monitoring and, if necessary, removing sensitive data from unauthorised locations or users. However, HR also plays a critical role in establishing processes and communicating them with IT and team members.

Things to tell your IT department or company

New Starters

Whenever someone leaves or starts working at your company it brings a lot of change. However, one thing that many people forget to do is to notify the IT company or department! It may not be at the top of your list but it should be. Letting IT know about new starters ensures that everything can be set up ready for them to start, this includes new hardware/ software but also setting up new year accounts and email accounts on existing hardware.

When someone leavesprwhyleaving

Ideally, when someone is due to be leaving your company you should notify the IT company before the person leaves. This is predominantly to ensure company security. When someone leave a company you must ensure that all company data stays within the company. Often companies will not think about the fact that workers will have email accounts on their phones, data on their laptops and login details. When someone leaves, they can become unpredictable and they may consider taking your information with them, therefore you should communicate with your IT company about removing privileges and access as soon as possible

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