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Business class email, are you missing something?

Are you missing out on the benefits of Business Class Email?

There is no denying the importance of email when you are running a business. However, do you know what a business class email could do for your business.


It is no longer enough to have an email address which ends or, to have a truly professional email the first step is to have your own domain name. This means your email address should be This immediately gives a more professional image to your business and enhances your brand status.


Compliance is no longer just an issue for large companies. Ensuring that your business is email and data compliant is essential. Business class email makes this much easier with email retention policies and large mailboxes allowing for emails to be achieved rather than deleted. Compliance is also there to protect your company from unsavoury behaviours.


Two heads is better than one! Collaboration is the key and business class email facilities often have collaboration tools built in such as shared calendars and mailbox sharing. Along with others such as Office365 and Google Apps for Work offering video conferencing capabilities to ensure your offsite colleagues can be involved!


Business class email solutions include a high level of spam filtering and protection. This helps to ensure the integrity of your network but also saves you and your colleagues time on sorting through your inbox!

Business EmailsAccessibility

Are you always on the go? Then being able to access your emails when you are on the move and on multiple devices is a must have for you! Business class email solutions are designed with this in mind and now it is easier than even to keep on top of your inbox.


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