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Can ITC Handle Work Experience?

Yes, ITC can handle work expereince!


I’m Klaudia.

Currently I am going through my work experience at ITC.I started my work experience on Monday the 11th of November and will be here for two weeks. Initially I chose to go to this company because I thought it would teach me good skills, which would increase the efficiency of my work in the future school projects and in life overall. Before choosing the placement, I thought about the interesting subjects I would learn during the two weeks of work experience, which would ultimately aid me build my knowledge of the more technical side of things in ITC.

During the first day at ITC, I was uncertain about what I wanted to study within the company. In the end, I chose to do Web-Design and it turned out to be noteworthy. Thanks to this, I am now capable of installing the site-making programme, WordPress, and have created a website that works properly. The website I produced is about cats. A contradictory subject matter to ITC I know, but I chose this because I like cats and websites, so a cat website was meant to be.

In the second week, I have investigated the company departments and explored the Finance, Sales and Marketing offices. I also assisted the Customer Service Co-ordinator Charli, with her Customer Service project and have been taught how to sort incoming post, e-mail and how to process money cheques.  I have experienced what it is like to be working in a working environment and what it is like to work with people of similar capabilities. Also I was able to look at the finance side of the company and now know how the whole system works. I have refined my product searching skills and know what to look for when searching for a product on the internet.


I have genuinely enjoyed my first work experience and thus have not failed to convey that it has been a positive encounter.The ITC skills I learnt during the two weeks helped me create something that I am pleased with, to some extent. This is the link to my website:

Thank You Everyone

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As of 3rd April 2018, ITC is now proud to be part of Net Primates incorporating all of the existing products, services, and customers that have previously been supported by ITC.

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