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Could you lose £4.6m? The importance of data migration

Data migration is incredibly important; you never know what could be hiding on your old hard drive.

The temptation to move to your new laptop without a second thought for your old one can be strong. You have a lovely, shiny, new machine that leaves your old machine lacking somewhat.

However, the significance of data migration and subsequent proper disposal of information from your old machine has been highlighted recently by one man’s very unfortunate experience.


Devastating discovery

Back in 2009 James Howells purchased 7,500 bitcoins for basically nothing. When he accidentally spilt a drink on his laptop he disposed of most of the machine but kept the hard drive in a draw where he forgot about it. Earlier this year he was having a clear out and decided to throw the hard drive out believing he had retrieved everything off it that he might need.

About 4 months later he heard on the radio that the price of bitcoins had shot up. Wondering about the value of his own bitcoins he realised that they were still on the hard drive. The one he had thrown away months earlier. As of this week the price of a single bitcoin has reached $1,000 (£613) which means that his bitcoins are worth £4.6 million. Owch.

Valuable data

Now, you might not have bitcoins worth £4.6 million on your computer but you almost definitely have valuable data. Whether the worth is emotional, business related or actual, it is still incredibly important to make sure that you transfer all of your data to either your new machine or an external hard drive for safe keeping.

Data migration- Save all your files

ITC just happen to provide a service where when you get a new computer we can migrate (move) all of your data and properly dispose of your old hardware to prevent it getting into the wrong hands. We also provide online backup which means all of your information can be stored remotely and safely. If you would like to know more about data migration and how we could help you please give us a ring on 02380 249 820 or email


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