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Can you trust Free Antivirus software?

Free vs. Paid Antivirus software

antivirus softwareUsing Free Antivirus software is not always the best solution for your computer. The problem with these costless Antivirus programs is that they usually cause more harm than good as they offer only minimum level of protection.  The majority of them will only scan for malware, spyware and check for suspicious links.

The virus check & updates of free Antivirus programs are less frequent which means that new viruses & threats can easily attack your PC and data. The annoying adverts urging you to upgrade to paid software are an integral part of almost every free version.

The major disadvantage of free Antivirus software is technical support. You can forget about the phone support in case something happens as there is usually no one to call and you can only seek help on online forums.

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On the other hand paid Antivirus software provides a higher level of protection with more comprehensive security tools and functions.

Key benefits of Paid Antivirus programs

  • High level of protection
  • Advanced tools and features
  • Regular downloads & updates of new virus signatures
  • Better detection and eliminations capabilities
  • Faster scanning
  • Technical support

If you want to use Antivirus software to protect your business computers and data we strongly recommend investing in paid programs.

Do I need Antivirus software for Mac?

The answer is yes! In today’s Internet world no system is absolutely immune to viruses.

Despite the fact that systems running on Windows are more likely to be infected, Mac’s get viruses too. Apple computers are increasingly becoming a target for hackers as more Macs are being sold.

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Your Mac can also act as carrier of viruses attacking computers running on Windows. You can easily spread them through emails or shared folders to your family, friends, co-workers or customers who use windows based systems.

Therefore, if you use Mac for any of the following activities you might be at risk of getting infected or pass viruses on to windows users.

  • Browse the Internet
  • Receive or send emails, pictures or attachments
  • Download applications or other files
  • Shop online
  • Transfer data from/to your PC using memory sticks, CDs or any other external storage

The best Antivirus solution for your Mac

antivirus softwareESET has recently introduced Antivirus software specially designed for Mac Operating systems. The Cybersecurity for Mac has been certified by ICSA and ESET is the only company who holds this certification.

Key benefits

  • Cross-platform protection to eliminate risk of transferring viruses on to Windows-based systems
  • Real-time protection
  • Fast scanning speed
  • Low system overhead that does not slow your Mac

The reasons to buy ESET’s NOD32 Antivirus for Mac Business Edition from us

We supply the Antivirus software for Mac ourselves, and install and configure it for you including a 1 year license for £40 + VAT.

Free remote installation in less than 30 minutes – no hassle
• Includes a year’s worth of updates and full support
• Free migration to a new Mac within 1 year

To protect your Mac & data today


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