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Case Study: Saved by the Backup

One of our customers discovers the importance of a good backup

So, in theory, we all know how important having a backup solution is. Whether it is an automated solution or a manual one, we know we should be backing up all of our data but life does tend to get in raid1_failurethe way.

However, recently, one of our new customers experienced a catastrophic physical RAID drive failure on their server which highlighted how imperative backup is. RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) is a method of data storage that combines multiple disk drives for the purpose of performance improvement, redundancy and recovery.

This RAID backup failure could have caused havoc; documents, pictures, folders and files that were all critical to the business would have been lost.

ITC’s Small Business BackUp to the rescue

20141127_sbb_upload_for_charliFortunately, our new customer rang us and asked for help as their server seemed to be behaving badly. We visited the customer that morning, restarted the server and ran a high performance backup. Less than 48 hours later their server took a drive and unfortunately the RAID drive did not have the ability to rebuild to rescue the data as the damage was too extensive. Performing this back enabled us to restore all of our customers data to the server once we had repaired it and ensured that it was stable; they were back online quickly and efficiently with minimal downtime.

Our customer now has our automated offsite Small Business BackUp solution run every night so that if there are ever in the situation where their server fails or they lose any data they will be safe in the knowledge that it is all recoverable.

This is a first hand experience of how important it is to ensure we backup our data. This age is so digitized and almost everything we do within the work place is recorded on our computers or server, but if they are damaged or lost then so is our data.





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