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  • Frequently Asked Questions about Antivirus Software

    1. Why do I need Antivirus software?  Every day, there are thousands of new viruses on the Internet which can corrupt your computer, delete or steal your important data. Antivirus is a program that protects your computer, laptop, or netbook against these threats by detecting …

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  • Can you trust Free Antivirus software?

    Free vs. Paid Antivirus software Using Free Antivirus software is not always the best solution for your computer. The problem with these costless Antivirus programs is that they usually cause more harm than good as they offer only minimum level of protection.  The majority of …

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  • What is Antivirus software and why do I need it?

    What is Antivirus software? Antivirus is the name for a computer program that protects your computer from potential viruses, computer worms, and other vicious programs.  At its core, Antivirus software detects, deletes or disarms viruses that try to attack your PC. Antivirus software is essential …

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  • Antivirus week & clients’ experience with free editions

    Many people keep asking us questions about Antivirus software so we decided to call the week commencing 16 April the Antivirus week.  The idea behind it was to gather any questions people may have when it comes to paid and free Antivirus Software or PC …

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  • Are the new features of the new iPad worth it?

    The third generation of Apple’s tablet, the iPad 3, the new iPad, the new iPad 3, or however you want to call it, was released on 7th March and entered the UK market nine days later. Probably one of the most awaited gadgets this year, …

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  • Configuring 2x ApplicationServer

    We knew that our partnership with 2x would allow us to extend the range of services we already provide many of our business customers. ITC are now able to provide flexible remote access solutions for desktops, files and applications. One of these business customers has …

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  • Sync Feature for Backup Software

    Our popular online backup service now gives you the ability to automatically synchronise documents between multiple computers and laptops. This is brilliant for accessing and easily updating your documents on the move. For customers who use our online backup service, the configuration is simple. Open …

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