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  • How can I speed up my computer?

    This time, one of you would like to know how to speed up a computer. We must say this is one of those questions we get asked most often. In order to speed up your computer you need to: Uninstall programs you don’t need Update …

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  • Why you should never create free email accounts for business

    There are lots of reasons why it’s simply not good to use free email accounts for business, especially if you are a start-up or a small-sized company. Free email accounts providers (e.g. Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail or Aol) offer you email accounts for free but, in …

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  • Top 5 features of a web hosting plan for business

    Choosing the right hosting package is one of the most important decisions when you start your website or set up a professional email account. Our article will explain to you the basics about web and email hosting and provide you with a list of the …

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  • How to set up email on your phone or tablet

    Checking your emails is probably the best and most convenient way to stay in touch with your friends, colleagues and, most importantly, with your business. You can either login to your mailbox from your phone or any computer with the Internet connection. If you haven’t …

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  • How much does Spam cost my business?

    If you haven’t considered how much money and time is wasted in your organization by people deleting, or even worse, clicking on links in spam emails they receive, you should do it now as you may be very surprised. You can take a look at …

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  • Got a question? Ask ITC

    Here at ITC we have decided to run a forum called ‘ask ITC’ so you can ask us any question you might have regarding IT (Internet, computers, hosting, websites, etc.). Whether you are looking for some general hints & tips, or have a specific question …

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  • What is a domain alias?

    In the simplest way, a domain alias represents an additional domain name pointing to the same website. In addition, domain aliases enable you to assign different domain names to your main domain name. An example of a domain alias If your main domain name is …

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