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  • Top 13 Keyboard Shortcuts you should know!

    Handy keyboard shortcuts are great time savers as they can speed up your activities in programs such as word, excel or even when you are browsing the Internet. Stop wasting your time and increase your productivity by learning and using our top 13 keyboard shortcuts! …

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  • Spam and everything you must know about it!

    There is no doubt that spam has increasingly become a problem on the Internet and almost every mailbox is affected by spam emails. Read our article and find out what spam really is, how it can affect you and your business and what you should …

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  • What is a domain name?

    A domain name is used in URL links to identify particular web pages. It’s a set of characters or words such as a company name, person’s name or any kind of name/words you choose. For example we have chosen itcweb as our domain name to …

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  • Are the new features of the new iPad worth it?

    The third generation of Apple’s tablet, the iPad 3, the new iPad, the new iPad 3, or however you want to call it, was released on 7th March and entered the UK market nine days later. Probably one of the most awaited gadgets this year, …

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  • Beware of this domain renewal Scam letter!

    We have recently received a domain renewal Scam letter from company called Domain Renewal Group which states that our domain will soon expire and reminds us to renew it. However, if you read it carefully you can find out that it’s an invitation letter to …

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  • How to choose the right IT Support Company

    Choosing the right IT support company is very important whether you are a small, medium or large business. A good IT support provider is a company which meets your business IT needs and with whom you are comfortable working. There are many IT firms to …

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  • How to create secure and easy to remember passwords

    No matter the size of your business, if you use weak passwords you are an easy fish for hackers and all of your information could become vulnerable. You should therefore pay strong attention to creation process of passwords in your business. Remember that having a …

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