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  • 5 Simple Steps to a Better Business Website

    This is part one is a two part series on building a better website. A good business needs a good website. A website details your products and services to anyone, anywhere across the globe. It extends your brand and represents the overall warmth of your …

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  • How to uninstall programs you don’t need

    It is important to ensure that unused programs, applications and plugins are uninstalled from your machine. Here we tell you how to do this. How to uninstall programs in Windows To to the Control Panel Select Programs > Programs and Features You will see a …

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  • Identifying a suspicious email

    It is becoming increasingly difficult to identify when an email contains a suspicious file or virus. The emails are getting more clever and are weighing on social manipulation. So what should you look out for? Below is a snippet of an email which our Google Apps …

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  • Missing your Outlook 2016 folders?

    HELP! My Outlook folders have been deleted The last couple of weeks we have been receiving a lot of panicked phone calls from customers about their folders being deleted. Well, fear not, in all the cases we have seen over the last couple of weeks …

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  • Learn from your mistakes: How to clean a keyboard!

    This week Charli knocked a whole cup of tea over her Wireless Microsoft Keyboard. Charli, our Customer Services Manager, managed to spill tea on her keyboard, can learn several important lessons from this: 1. Keep liquids away from electronics 2. Microsoft keyboards are very hardy …

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  • Upgrading to Windows 10

    Only 3 months left to claim your free Windows 10 upgrade. We recommend that when performing a Windows 10 upgrade it should be done on a fresh install to ensure a smooth transition to a Windows 10 operating system. This process is very important to …

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  • Email security: Protecting your business on the frontline

    Email security on the mind Recently we published an article on socially engineered phishing scams and it is clear that email security is something which our customers are worried about. There is no way to avoid it, our emails are a vulnerability but there are …

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