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How to choose a great domain name for your company

It can be difficult to choose a great domain name for your company; it will forever define and identify your business. However, with our simple ‘how to’ we can guide you in choosing a domain name which you will be proud to associate with your business.

The basics

You want a domain name which is a mix of catchy, memorable, short, discoverable and creative. Your domain name must also be easy to remember for several reasons namely; if a previous visitor wants to revisit but they cannot remember the site then they are unlikely to and it is also easier for people to tell others about your site if they can remember your domain name.

Brandable or Discoverabledomain-rich-keywords (1)

It can be difficult to be both brandable and discoverable so you may want to choose one or the other. You have to ask yourself if your website is going to rely on internet search engine traffic (discoverable) or based on your brand and your business (brandable). Once you have made this decision then you are in a better position to choose your domain name. If you are aiming to be discoverable it would be worth choosing a domain which is associated with a common search term ‘cheap english tutor’ you could use ‘cheaptutor’.com/uk/net etc. If you would like to go down the brandable route then you need to choose a domain name which features your company name/ your name or some variation thereof.

Use Keywords

In relation to being brandable and discoverable keywords can be particularly useful. Use keywords in your domain to make your website easily identifiable. Your domain name should give the person looking a good idea of the nature of your website and product/ service. This can be done through using the name of your company or by using associated words. For example if your business is a plumbing company try and get the word ‘plumbing’ or ‘pipes’ or similar into your domain name.

Keep it short

Long domain names are hard to remember, confusing and easy to get wrong. If you stick with a domain name under 10 characters you are more likely to tick the catchy, easy to remember and easy to type boxes.

Use hyphens to break up your domain name

If you cannot keep your domain short or your domain doesn’t seem to be reading properly then you can use hyphens to break it up. Hyphens (-) can also improve readability and search engine rankings. Further, if the domain name that you want is taken then you can adapt it by using the hyphens. WARNING: A word of warning on using a domain name similar to an already existent domain, you could be violating another businesses trademark.

domainnametldTop Level Domains (TLD)

A top level domain is the extension of your domain name and is often .com .uk or similar. This can be a useful thing to consider when choosing your domain name as it can define your region and visibility. If you are a company based in the UK it may be a good idea for you to choose a or .uk TLD as this will help the viewer to decipher that you are a UK based company. The same goes for other country specific TLDs such as .fr (France), .de (Germany), .it (Italy) etc. if your business is aimed at or based in these countries it might be useful to choose an associated TLD.

However, many people often like to secure more than one TLD for their domain name. Most commonly people choose or .com for their domain name. This practice protects your brand as it prevents other people from owning them. Once a domain name is registered it cannot be used by someone else, for example you could not go out and register as it is already registered however if was not registered then this could be registered infringing on Google’s branding and rights.

617 new Top Level Domains

Since 2013, 617 new Top Level Domains have been released with up to 400 more to be released within the next year. This means that there is a much wider range of domain names that are now available! TLDs such as .photography, .plumbing, .london, .ads, .dental, .company are now available for you to register. These new TLDs have been released with the intention of helping businesses to expand their reach and increase their visibility within the right markets.

Make sure no one else owns it

It is quite possible that someone else has already had the idea for the domain name you would like to register so it is important to check first. If you would like to do so you can use the ITC free domain checker.

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