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Computer hardware setup, repairs, and upgrades

Last week we published a blog post letting you know when we can fix your IT issues remotely, and when our visit is needed. Talking about providing you on-site support, do you know what hardware we can set up, fix or upgrade for you? In this article we’ll also introduce Peter, who we had provided IT support for about 3 years, so that you’ll hopefully have a better understanding of how we can look after your small business computer hardware.

Stage I: Hardware setup Slide 2 Hardware setup option 2

One day our client hired a new employee, Peter, and asked us for a quote for a new PC. We’re proud of knowing our clients’ IT systems and needs so it took us a moment to find a machine that would provide Peter with efficient IT tools. In a couple of days we had the computer delivered to our office so that we could test it. The next step was to visit our client’s office to set up the PC, connect it to printers, and enable network access so that everything had been ready for Peter to join the company.

Stage II: Hardware upgrades & repairs 20130719_121255

Peter had been happily using the PC for some two years when he wanted it to be upgraded so that he could use 2 monitors. Over the period when Peter had worked for our client’s company we also upgraded their hardware by a new Brother printer they bought from us as a lower price, and a ScanSnap Fujitsu scanner. He also required occasional remote support helping with software upgrades and re-configuring his email account until he unfortunately decided to leave the business.

Next week we’ll be happy to tell you how we migrated Peter’s data and created new accounts for his successor – Stuart. In the meantime, please give us a call if we could help you with IT hardware setup, upgrades, or repairs. 023 8024 9820


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