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Review of BlackBerry 10 for your small business

After several delays, RIM (Research in Motion) revealed so-called ‘the next-generation’ BlackBerry 10 operating system. RIM promises to have put the most sophisticated apps and other revolutionary features in theBlackberries hands of its customers. Are these changes going to make up to all the problems our customers (and we) have had with the current frustrating BlackBerry operating system? Let’s read the blog post to find out what has been changed.

BlackBerry 10 Operating system

The new OS (Operating System) is QNX and its key features include the “flow” interface that allows users to jump between apps without returning to a home screen or a dual-profile system to keep business and personal apart. Even though these sound like some nice features, the OS is still heavily built on Blackberry’s heritage which means that email setup can take us 50 minutes instead of a regular 5 minutes we dedicate to other phones.

Hardware: BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry X10

Apart from developing the software, RIM also wanted to surprise us with the new hardware and as a result two handsets have been launched: the BlackBerry Z10 and the BlackBerry X10. The most high end is the Z10, which has lost the traditional BlackBerry keyboard and is a pure touch screen device. The second is the Q10, which has a keyboard and a much smaller touch screen. The Z10 looks a lot like the black iPhone 5 with a larger screen and a plastic body, and at a rumoured £480 out of contract, costs just £50 less than Apple’s latest model.


Whereas BlackBerry is pitching the new devices as suitable for work and play, we can’t see anything to get excited about as a few minor developments in software and hardware are unlikely to wow the public and change our negative attitude to BlackBerry. Therefore, we strongly recommend you look at other options for businesses available on the market as there’s nothing about BlackBerry that other phones don’t have on offer.

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