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Could the 3-2-1 backup rule save you?




3 copies of anything you need

With anything that is important enough to take a backup of you don’t just want to take one. You want to take 2. Why? Because if one of your backups fails or is corrupted then you know you have it somewhere else.

2 different formats

Having your data spread across 2 different formats is essential as if you have 3 copies all on the internal hard drive of your PC then those 3 copies would not have protected you from losing your data at all if your PC has an issue. It’s advised that you store on both an internal hard drive and removable storage media (USB drives, CDs, DVSs, SD cards, external hard drives).

1 offsite backup

Physical separation between backups is important as if all of your backups of your data exist in one room or house or location then you are running the risk of loosing that data to fire, theft or natural disaster.

So in an ideal world you have the primary copy of the data on your PC/ Laptop/ Mac, the secondary copy on a removable storage device and the tertiary copy will exist in an offsite online backup solution.


Redundancy.  Ensuring that you data is backed up and stored in multiple ways increases the likelyhood of at least one of your backups surviving.


This really is a case of no time like the present. You do not know when something can go wrong with your PC/ laptop or backup system or when it will be effected by a situation out of your control. It is also something that is very easy to put off for a long time but you might regret that decision.


Ask ITC! If you are interested in implementing the 3-2-1 backup rule we can show you how today.


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