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Create an Email Signature that generates leads!

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What is an Email Signature?

There are hundreds, if not more, emails going out from our mailbox every week. Did you know that this means hundreds of great opportunities to let your new prospects, customers or suppliers engage with you?

You can simply do it through an Email Signature which is the text appended to the end of your every Email. It’s like an online Business Card that contains information about you and your company but, most importantly, it’s a great place to make your company more visible and accessible but for FREE!

Now, open your email client and click on your last sent message and check whether your Email Signature contains all information needed. You can find out below what it should and must include.

What should your Email Signature contain?

In the UK, if your company is Ltd (Private Limited) or PLC (Public limited) or LLP (Limited Liability Partnership) you must include legally required information in every Email you send out!

  • Company Name
  • Company Registration Number
  • Place of Registration
  • Registered Office Address

Top Tip: Make sure your Email Signature is legally compliant by using this Free Email Signature generator that will create 4 different styles of your Email Signature so you can select the one you like and easily appended to the end of your Emails.

Lead generation through an Email Signature

The truth is that having legally compliant Email Signature isn’t enough if you want to make your Email Signature powerful and work for you at no cost but with high return.

Unfortunately many of us don’t see the power of an optimized Email Signature that’s effective with every message sent. I’ve received many emails without links to profiles on Social Networks, or even worse with no links to the sender’s website. It makes me wonder why people who made the effort and created Company’s Website or different Social Media accounts for their Business haven’t promoted them in such powerful marketing tool as Email Signature. It’s easy, especially these days when you can create simple but effective Email Signature in less than 5 minutes.

The benefits of an optimized Email Signature

  1. Website traffic growth
  2. More followers, connections and opportunities to interact
  3. New prospects will identify you as a credible & proactive company
  4. FREE promotion of your companys blog posts, activities, or new products/services

Top Tip: What do you need to do to let your company enjoy all these benefits? Add the following elements into your Email Signature:

Important elements for generating leads!

  • Social Media Icons – Let people find you so they can easily connect with you!
  • Logo – Increase your brand awareness and add your logo with the link to your website!
  • Tagline – Add a link of your latest blog post or tell people about your new product/service

 Have a look at below example of an Email Signature that is ready-to-generate leads.

An example of effective Email SignatureIt’s much nicer than a simple few lines Signature and it’s very eye-catchy, isn’t it!? 🙂

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