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Do I need a local IT company when remote support is available?

Business development experts believe that diversity is good for your business as it gives you access to different services, and eventually helps reduce costs as you’ve compared and selected the most suitable options. Choosing an IT support provider who can fix your issues in a variety of ways is particularly important to ensure the support you receive is cost and time effective. In this blog post we give you criteria & examples of how we decide on the best way to assist you with the issue.

On-site support

There are IT issues that would take hours when dealt with remotely or they simply require our visit – that’s why it’s important that your IT company is locally based and able to visit your offices: our engineers can visit you any time you need them to look at your hardware or network in person.

It’s most efficient for you when we visit your premises to help with the following IT issues:On-site support

  • Hardware installation, as it simply calls for our engineers to do the physical job
  • Copying or backing up your data – we can come with our hard drive and copy your data in about one hour as opposed to some 5 hours it would take us remotely!
  • Virus removal
  • Any time you need our help but you have no internet connection so we can’t connect to your computer remotely

Remote support: connecting to your computer or guiding you over the phone

We can install software to be able to connect to your laptop or PC whenever you need our help; we can assist even when you are experiencing an issue on holiday, as long as you have the internet connection.

It’s much more efficient to help you with the following issues remotely than if we had to schedule an on-site visit: remote-support_2

  • Email & smartphone setup
  • Malware removal
  • Re-installing software
  • Email issues, e.g. problem with incoming or outcoming emails, downloading attachments
  • System slow-downs
  • DNS change
  • Data back-up troubles
  • Anything else you think we could help you with remotely!

If you’ve got an IT issue, please call us on 023 8024 9820 or email and we’ll be able to advise whether we could help remotely or we’ll need to visit you in order to fix the problem.

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