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Do you know exactly what your AntiVirus is doing?

AntiVirus programs are designed to protect your machine from being compromised by security threats.

antivirus workingA good AntiVirus software will often includes several security features which are designed to protect you. These can include:

  • Background Scanning
  • Full System Scans
  • Virus Definitions

There are several processes which antiviruses use to detect viruses

  • Signature-based detection – checks all executable files for validity against known virus databases
  • Heuristic-based detection – works with the above to detect variants of known viruses
  • Behavioural-based detection – when an executable file is activated it will identify unusual behavior and flag it as suspicious
  • Data mining techniques

AntiVirus software works in the background and every time you open a file or execute a program it checks for anything suspicious. If it finds anything it will stop the program from working (if it can) and flag up an issue. Once an issue is flagged it can be marked as harmless or it can be quarantined and removed. Essentially antivirus works as a bodyguard on your computer.

Furthermore, most antiviruses have full system scans which delves deep into your computer to identify anything which is suspicious.

computerVirus_TrueITWhat to avoid?

If you enter a webpage and the webpage tells you that there is an issue with your computer and it offers to fix it for you then you should NOT accept. These are often malware programs mascaraing as antivirus solutions.


ITC’s Support Agent and Managed AntiVirus Protection

ITC’s managed AntiVirus protection is a monthly service which constantly works to protect your machine using the most up to date virus databases available; when a threat is identified we receive a notification which will be handled by our technical support team. Our AntiVirus software also includes our Support Agent which proactively monitors the overall health of your machine, it also allows us to provide more efficient support when an issue is identified.

To speak to one of our experts on viruses, malware or our managed AntiVirus protection please get in contact!

Phone 023 8024 9820


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