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Email backup a key player in business continuity

Have you considered backing up your emails?


Well, maybe now is the time.

Email access is fundamental to small businesses. Many companies find it very difficult to function when their emails aren’t working or you cannot access your archives. However, emails are much more vulnerable then any of us would like, and they can be compromised by a range of issues including:

  • Email data servers can fail
  • Emails can be accidentally and deliberately deleted
  • Email hacks

Why should I backup my emails?

There a few reasons why you should be backing up your emails. You might not be able to avoid losing your emails but you can help limit the damage done by the loss.

A primary concern is business continuity; being able to carry on business as usual even if you have experienced an email interruption. Ensuring that a backup of all emails is taken can mean that you avoid the loss of data, loss of opportunities, loss of time and money recovering lost emails that normally comes with email loss.

Further to this email back up is often a requirement for compliance. If you are part of a governing body they can request that you take a backup of all your emails and compliance reasons.

Email backup can also protect or help to prove fault in disciplinary or litigation cases.


To ensure that you business carries on without interruption you should be considering professional email backup. For £5.00 per mailbox per month (ex VAT) we provide a backup service for Office365 and Google Apps for work.


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