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Email security: Protecting your business on the frontline

Email security on the mind

Recently we published an article on socially engineered phishing scams and it is clear that email security is something which our customers are worried about. There is no way to avoid it, our emails are a vulnerability but there are further ways which you can protect yourself and your business whilst still being able to communicate via email!

User education

As mentioned in a previous blog post email user education is a huge part of protecting yourself. See here for more information.

spam email securitySpam Protection

Spam protection should be something which all business owners are clued-up about. Spam protection helps to protect you against junk emails some of which will contain virus or malware, it also helps to ensure that your users are protected from unsavoury material at work.

Many professional email services such as Google Apps for Business, Office365 or Exchange have a reasonably high level of spam protection in place as standard. As a light email user you may find that this protection is enough to keep your network safe. However, there are other options for spam protection which provide whitelist and blacklist capabilities meaning you should not lose any emails but the suspected spam will be quarantined.

PasswordsPassword Email Security

This is something that we talk about a lot with our customers. Passwords are important for protecting your network as a whole; one weak password on a network is a security flaw. Good passwords are essential throughout the office and this includes on each individuals mailbox. For email security it is not enough just to have a password you must have a secure one. For more information on password creation please see here.


Business Class Email

Business class email solutions are one way to up your email security. These email solutions are on the forefront and therefore have build in security solutions for your email. For more information on Business class email see here.


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