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External IT Support vs In-house IT department

IT support

Outsource or In-house IT support?

In today’s world having reliable IT system in place is crucial as it keeps the business up and running and in some case the whole business can depend on it.

It can be difficult to decide which option would best suit your business’s needs but you will need to consider both alternatives before making the final decision.

Small Businesses have usually very tight budget allocated for the management of their IT systems which highly influence their decision-making. Therefore, a simple cost-benefit analysis and market research is vital to gain a reasonable knowledge that is needed for choosing the right IT support for your Business. Remember that by failing to prepare you are preparing to fail and therefore if your IT doesn’t support your company goals, your business can easily turn into a failure.

Outsource IT support

IT outsourcing means hiring external IT experts to support your IT. The external IT support company usually serves more businesses which can be similar to yours.  You will pay a monthly/yearly or one-off fee depending on what services you use. This option is very popular amongst Small to Medium size Businesses mostly because of the cost-effectivenes of such solution.

Key Facts

  • It’s a cost-effective solution considering all the cost involved when hiring an IT expert.
  • The IT support company and its staff have extensive IT skills, knowledge and expertise in whole range or areas and they are constantly trained on new technologies and professionally certified.
  • Majority of IT support companies will have experience in providing support to businesses similar to yours and therefore are able to suggest and recommend the best solutions to suit your Small Business needs.
  • On the other side the external IT specialists are not part of your team and are called only when there is a problem.

 In-House IT support

The other option is to employ one or more IT professionals on payroll who are based at your premises, this is called In-house IT department. Keeping IT in-house is most common choice amongst medium and large companies as they have large number of systems in place as well as hardware and users.

Key Facts

  • It is considered to be expensive solution especially for Small Business as the cost of an internal IT expert doesn’t stop to occur once the recruitment process is finished.
  • It can be also tough to cover holiday and sickness of your IT staff which drives the cost up.
  • Limited knowledge and expertise is one of the major cons of having internal IT specialist as one person can’t provide knowledge and expertise for all your company’s IT needs.
  • On the other hand having on-site IT expert can be very handy and it can save you time from picking up the phone or submitting the ticket online.

How much does it cost?

Unfortunately, none of the options is cost-free and for many businesses the money factor will play the key role in decision making.

You can have a look at the following table that will show you the basic cost you need to take into account when selecting the right option of IT support to meet your business’s needs.

IT support

Real Numbers

In-House IT – The annual salary for IT professional starts from £18,000 but depending on experience and qualification it can easily go up to £30,000 .

IT Outsourcing – The prices for hiring an external IT Company varies but for Small Business with 1 to 20 employees they usually start at £26 a month up to £490 but again it depends on type of service provided as well as the size of your business.

ITC’s Solution – > Computer Care Plans

Computer Care Plan service was specially designed to support Small Business’s IT systems. It proactively manages and monitors your systems to keep them performing at their best.

In addition, each of the Care Plans also includes:

  • Remote Technical Support
  • Priority Response within 1 hour

We offer a range of care plans, designed with flexibility to add extra benefits as your business changes. Prices start at £18+VAT per month!

Find out more about the benefits and main features of Computer Care Plans and how your Small Business can benefit from this service here

IT support

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