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Frequently Asked Questions about Antivirus Software

1. Why do I need Antivirus software? 

Every day, there are thousands of new viruses on the Internet which can corrupt your computer, delete or steal your important data. Antivirus is a program that protects your computer, laptop, or netbook against these threats by detecting and removing viruses or other malicious programs.

Antivirus software is a MUST for every computer, especially for those with Internet access!


2. Why would I pay for Antivirus program when I can download free version

Using Free Antivirus editions is not always the best solution for your computer. The problem with these costless programs is that they usually cause more harm than good as they offer only minimum level of protection.

Downsides of Free Antivirus versions:

  • Less frequent viruses-signature & updates
  • Less scanning options than paid Antivirus versions offer
  • Usually no phone support or assistance if something happen
  • Unnecessary programs or toolbars
  • Annoying adverts and popup windows urging you to upgrade

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3. Why my PC is running slow despite having Antivirus program installed?

If you have downloaded free version of Antivirus program your PC might be infected and the virus is affecting the computer’s performance. However a paid Antivirus software can slow down your PC too. Most of paid versions try to offer different services which make them big and ‘heavy’ for your PC.

When buying Antivirus software for your PC, always check if the Antivirus is focused only on pure protection.

Top Tip: You can check if current Antivirus is slowing down your PC by turning the Antivirus program off. Is it much faster? If yes, then think about investing in ligther Antivirus program.

4. Have I got the right Antivirus program?

If you say yes to all the statements below then you have the right Antivirus protection

–  My Antivirus software is up to date

–  My Antivirus software is not slowing down my computer

–  I don’t have any viruses, spy popups, strange messages & toolbars when I turn my PC on and log in

5. Why do I need Antivirus software for my Mac?

If you think that you don’t need antivirus protection for your Mac, you are wrong. Mac-based operating systems are not immune and can get infected. For instance, Mac can act as carrier of viruses attacking Windows and you can pass them through emails or shared folders on your friends, co-workers or customers.

If you use your Mac to receive & send emails, download applications or shop online, you should install Antivirus software to protect it.

What Antivirus does protect our computers?

As an IT company we have the knowledge of and experience with majority of all antivirus programs currently on the market. Across every program, the one that exceeded our expectations is NOD32 from ESET. We trust it and have protected all of our computers and data with it. It’s cost-effective, fast and light piece of software and we recommend it to our customers.

Key benefits

• Cost-effective security for your business
• Fast and easy to use computer protection
• 1 multi-system license per company
• Low system overhead that does not slow your PC
• Daily automatic updates

The reasons to buy from us

We supply NOD32 software ourselves, and install and configure it for you including a 1 year license for £40 + VAT.

Free remote installation – no hassle
• Configured as on our computers
• Includes a year’s worth of updates and full support
• Free migration to a new PC within 1 year

To protect your PC & data today



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