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Give your files a Spring clean

January is here and it’s time to get your files safe and in order!filesdocs

We all know that we should keep our computer files in order but sometimes that is easier said than done. Having said that, there is no better time than the start of the year to have a spring clean.

Picture this:

I walk into your office or home and pick up your computer and leave. Would this act effect the way you or your business work? Now if the idea of someone doing this has made the hot flush of panic wash over you then it is time to change.

There are three main things to consider when you want to keep your files organised and safe.

1. File Naming

This may be something that you already have in place. However, if you are wishing to have a spring clean the first thing to do is have a good standardised file naming process. At ITC we use the standard file naming process yyyymmdd_FileName-Reference. This is universal and allows us to easily search a file base on when it was created, what it is about or by a reference code. This technich

2. File Storage

How do you store your files? Are they all on your computer or shared on your server? Then it might be time to consider another form of file storage or backup. If you are looking for easily accessible, multi-user platform with a large amount of storage then something like Dropbox for Business would be a fantastic solution for you. This option adds another level of file security and backup which could save you in a sticky situation. See here for more details.

3. File Backup

Backup is always a consideration when having a spring clean. When was the last time you backed up your files? Are you using an in house backup solution such as an external hard drive or NAS? If so you might want to consider a secure, offsite, automated backup service. Offsite and online backup is not effected by fire, theft or natural disaster which is not true for in house solutions. ITC offer a backup solution which is tailored to your needs, if you would like to know more please see here.


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