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How are we different and why choose us?

We are passionate about developing long-term relationships with our clients! To do so, we take the time to understand you and your business needs so that you are provided the most personalised and, as a result, effective IT help. Consequently, since 1998 we have been fortunate to work with hundreds of small businesses like yours, many of whom are still our clients.

When communicating with clients, we know how important it is that we speak your language, whatever your level of computer expertise is, so can quickly get to grips with any problem and explain or resolve it for you. What is more, like every experienced IT support company we understand that our reliability is crucial to your business, so we do everything possible to keep you up and running smoothly.

Finally, we provide the support and services which you need, at a sensible and predictable cost, continuing to work with you at whatever intervals and duration are required to keep your business running.

Our evolution

ITC has evolved from its origins of building and supporting PCs and networks into a flexible 21st-century IT services company which provides a diverse range of managed IT, Internet and communications solutions to clients worldwide. We work closely with companies such as Draytek, Eset, Microsoft and Nominet to ensure that clients can conduct their business in a safe, secure, up-to-date and, most importantly, stable IT environment.

Talk to us about your IT systems and we’ll take away your day-to-day hassle!

We understand that choosing an IT supplier is an important decision for any business and we warmly welcome the opportunity to discuss your computer systems and support requirements with you. ITC will look after your IT, so that you can focus on running your business.

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As of 3rd April 2018, ITC is now proud to be part of Net Primates incorporating all of the existing products, services, and customers that have previously been supported by ITC.

For more information please call us on 02381 800 800 or visit https://www.netprimates.com/news/welcoming_itc