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How can I access my emails on holiday and stay safe?

You shouldn’t have any problem with accessing your emails from your phone, tablet or laptop as probably you’ve already had your email account set up on these devices; however, if you’re going to check your email using a public PC or laptop & stay safe you should definitely read this blog post.

Quick advice on how to check emails using our Web Mail  Smarter_mail

Our Web & Email hosting customers can type in in an address bar, replacing by  your own domain name. If you are not sure what your domain is, read our blog post What is a domain name. Secondly and lastly, you will be asked to type in your email address and your password.

Don’t let others steal your confidential data!

  • Never tick ‘remember my password’ when you use a public computer.
  • Make sure your laptop is protected by strong Antivirus Software before using any unknown network. We recommend out ITC Managed AV Protection which regularly finds viruses on computers already protected by other AV solutions.
  • When you use a public computer change the browser window to the private window by left clicking on ‘File‘ in the top left corner and selecting ‘New Incognito window‘ if you use Chrome browser, or ‘New private window‘ if you use Firefox.
  • Before you travel, check whether there’s wifi in the place where you are staying; if not – you may want to think of arranging some travel plan to have web data, e.g. with your mobile operator.

Call our IT experts on 023 8024 9820 if you have any other question about accessing your emails from a public computer.

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