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How can you back up your files? Top 4 backup solutions reviewed

When was the last time you backed up your files? Never or don’t remember?!  Not backing up your important data could lead to a costly loss of your valuable information. Every business no matter the size should implement a backup strategy that combines both onsite and offsite data protections.

ITC’s number one rule for backup is that data needs to be held in more than one location.

Backing up files and keeping them only at one location such as office is a very common mistake. Why?! For example if you lose access to your office (e.g. due to unforeseen circumstances) you will automatically lose your data too!

Therefore, if, like many people, you have been meaning to back up your important files but haven’t done it yet, this is really the best time to do so. We’ve reviewed the top 4 backup solutions to help you choose the best option that suits your business needs.

Top 4 Backup Solutions

Pen drives

Main Advantages

  • For a lot of people pen drives provide enough space for copying and saving files
  • Easy to move from/to any systems
  • Portable

Main Disadvantages

  • Easy to lose
  • There is no security – your information is not encrypted
  • No automatic backup – you need to always manually drag & drop files you want to save


Main Advantages

  • Portable
  • Similarly to pen drives they are portable and easy to move from/to any systems
  • Very cheap solution

Main Disadvantages

  • Limited amount of storage
  • You can easily lose them
  • There is No security – Your important files are not encrypted

External Hard disk

Main Advantages

  • Huge amount of storage
  • Quick copying and saving of files
  • Accessible to multiple people – network backup

 Main Disadvantages

  • Expensive solution
  • Extra features depend on software used
  • Must be placed on-site

Online Backup

Main Advantages

  • Pay for what you use (unlimited amount of storage)
  • Easy access from anywhere
  • Secure solution – your information is encrypted
  • Automatic backup – no more dragging & dropping as your files are monitored, encrypted and updated across each of the PCs you use

Main Disadvantages

  • On-going monthly investment
  • Requires Internet connection

Online BackupOnline Backup provides a very cost-effective way how to protect your valuable information. It works very well for many of our clients because your data is automatically updated, encrypted and backed up without any manual interventions.

You can find more information about our Online Backup, its key benefits and the investment at our page here


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