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How CCPs work in real life – case study.

Homelife Lettings have been our client for over 2 years. As Southampton’s most experienced Flat and House Letting Agent, 0they saw the value of using our Customer Care Plans and they have been benefiting from them ever since. How?

Why Homelife Lettings use our CCPs

A Letting Agency belongs to an industry sector relying heavily on getting work done online, and therefore, it’s so crucial for Homelife Lettings to have priority IT remote support; proactive monitoring & maintenance of their computer systems help the business run even smoother. All these benefits are guaranteed by our Computer Care Plans. Do you know how they work in real life?

Story no. 1:

In June 2013 Kelly Sahota, the managing director of Homelife Lettings, had just bought a new laptop so she asked our computer engineers to install and configure email & network on her new machine. Andrew got back to Kelly within 10 minutes and did it all for her remotely within a couple of hours. The charge for a regular customer would have been over £100, whereas Homelife Lettings didn’t get invoiced as their CCPs package includes unlimited access to our computer engineers’ time. Only this service was worth about 4 months’ value of our CCPs, and therefore, we can say that Homelife Lettings, by using our CCPs, received 4 months of unlimited, proactive & priority IT support for free.  

Story no. 2:

Later the same week Homelife Lettings benefited from our proactive monitoring of their systems. Before the office employees realised their server was down, Andrew had already noticed & resolved the issue which would have prevented them from accessing their files & emails interrupting their workday.

What benefits of CCPs are most valued by Kelly:

“Thanks to ITC’s CCPs we have a predictable IT support investment, whereas priority remote support ensures we have a quick response which allows us to deliver instant service to our clients.” – Kelly Sahota, MD of Homelife Lettings

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