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How did Jan benefit from migrating his Website to us?

Jan Zawada – a musician, photography business owner and our client realised one day that his web host was charging him lots of additional fees. We were happy to help Jan move his janzawada_profile_3website from his old dishonest host and promised that with our small business Web hosting service he wouldn’t experience any problem with hidden cost or delayed support. Did we keep our promise?

Jan says:

“The migration of has been a perfect example of ITC responding to quick demand and continuing the 5 Star service that comes as standard from a great team of people who put the customer first every time”.

We moved the website within 30 minutes and with no hassle

Tom, our engineer, created for Jan a Web & Email hosting package on our server and then installed WordPress, free of charge, which made it perfectly easy for Jan to upload any text, photos and videos he wants to be available from his business website.

What was Jan most impressed with?

  • The setup took Tom only 30 minutes causing no interruption to Jan’s business
  • Free setup and no hidden costs of our hosting service – Crystal-Clear Pricing Guarantee
  • The very efficient and cheerful communication
  • Instant IT support when Jan needed to recover his email password or set up email on his phone
  • The choice of bespoke small business hosting packages

If your existing Web & Email host is charging you lots of small fees or does not respond to your issues quickly and clearly, talk to us about the possibility to migrate your website hosting to us:

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As of 3rd April 2018, ITC is now proud to be part of Net Primates incorporating all of the existing products, services, and customers that have previously been supported by ITC.

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