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How does spam filtering work?

Spam and the spammers who send it are getting increasingly smart.

How does spam filtering work?spam

Rather than emails being sent directly from the sending mail server to the intended receiving mail server it is directed through a dedicated spam filtering server cluster and if it is determined not to be spam it is sent onto the receiving mail server. If it is identified to be spam it is quarantined for a period of time and then disposed of.

How does the spam filter determine what is spam and what isn’t?

The spam filtering server works based on a set of complex algorithms which:

  • Identifying terminology and words commonly used in spam
  • The ratio of words to pictures
  • The reputation and compliance of the sending mail server
  • Whether the content and the links match the email and the company the email is coming from

What can a spam filter protect me from?

  • Security breaches and opportunities for malware to enter your network
  • Time wasted by your team trying to identify and get rid spam from their inbox
  • Salacious or inappropriate emails
  • Unwanted advertising
  • Phishing (data gathering) emails.

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