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How much does Spam cost my business?

If you haven’t considered how much money and time is wasted in your organization by people deleting, or even worse, clicking on links in spam emails they receive, you should do it now as you may be very surprised.

You can take a look at the following calculation for 1 employee with a minimum wage.

calculate your Spam cost Spam cost calculation

Minimum Wage = £6.08 per hour  = £0.10 per minute

Wasted employee’s time on spam = 20 minutes a month (1 minute per day) = £2

If a minimum wage employee wastes a single minute a day downloading, reviewing, and deleting spam emails, then over the course of a month spam will have cost your company more than £2 just paying for the employee’s time.

Now you can do your calculations…How many employees do you have and how many of them get paid more than £6 per hour?

Spam Cost Calculator

No. of your employees with a minimum wage X £2


No. of your employees with wage higher that a minimum X hourly rate/60

= £

ITC Solution to reduce Spam cost

Got the final figure?! Now have a look at our solution to Spam and compare your number with the price of our Advanced Spam Filtering service.

The investment for ITC’s Advanced Spam Filtering is just £2 per mailbox per month, and we can protect email addresses that are hosted with other providers and protect in house Exchange servers.

Find out more about our Advance Spam Filtering service, its key benefits and the reasons to buy it from us here

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