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How Online Backup saved my job

It was one of the normal days at ITC office where I was doing one of my regular daily tasks, scanning important documents and saving them into the relevant folders. However, after a couple of minutes it wasn’t that simple as it seemed. Of course, I thought it can’t happen to me but it did and I had accidentally deleted an entire folder of my boss, Rupert.  I let him know and expected the worse as the folder contained very important data.

However, Rupert just asked the name of the folder and its location and restored the information in less than 2 minutes! I’m sure you wonder how so here is the trick: no, he didn’t have any magic wand, he just used our Online Backup to restore the files.

And the lesson learnt:

  • Always double-check what you want to delete before hitting delete button!
  • Backup your files online, not only on Pen drives or DVD/CD as you need to always manually drag & drop files.  Online Backup is automatic which means that your files are monitored, encrypted and updated across each of the PCs you use


If you would like to know more about our Online Backup service have a look at our page here or give us a call on 023 8024 9820 or email us at to backup your files today.

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