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How to add Social Media Icons to Your Email Signature

Add Social Media icon to your Email SignatureDue to a huge success of our previous post on Email Signature that generates Leads we have prepared for you an easy-to-follow Tutorial on how to add Social Media icons to your Email Signature.

Remember that adding these Social Stamps to your every Email is an easy as well as cost-effective way how to connect with your customers, suppliers or new prospects and promote your Business online.

The tutorial contains 6 simple steps with screenshots so you can create an effective Email Signature in less than 5 minutes. In addition, as an example we have used Outlook, however the steps can be applied to any of Email Clients you use.

Step 1: Download social media icons images

Firstly, you need to download Social Media icons which are not too big for the Email Signature (maximum 32pixel images). You can download the Big Five Social Media icons below or if you use other networks you can find them and download them here


  • To download the images make a Right Click on the above icon you want to download > click on Save Image As. You can now save the image on your desktop or anywhere else you want.
  • Repeat the steps with each icon you want to add to your Email Signature

Step 2: Open Your Email Client

  • Newest version of Outlook (2010): In your Email Client, go to File > select Options 
  • Older version of Outlook: Tools (on the top bar) > Options 
  • For other Email Clients: look for Tools/Options/Properties/Settings


  • Newest version of Outlook (2010): In the menu select Mail > click on Signatures on the right hand side
  • Older version of Outlook: Mail Format > Signatures
  • For other Email Clients: look for Signature or Templates


Step 3: Create New Signature or Update your current Signature

  • Click on NEW


  • Enter desired name for the new signature (for example: Signature with Social Buttons)


Step 4: Add social media icons images

  • If you creating a new signature you can now add your contact info – keep it simple with no more than 5-6 lines of text.
  • After you added or updated your contact information, click on the Picture Icon 

Top Tip: When adding contact information, try to use different colours (keep in mind your brand’s colours), fonts and fonts sizes to make your Signature stand out and readable.

  • In the Insert Picture window (find the place where you saved your downloaded images in the first step) > Select Icon you want to insert > click Insert

Top Tip: Follow the same steps for any images (e.g. logo) you want to add to Email Signature

Step 5: Add hyperlink to each of the icons your inserted

  • At first, select (left click) the Social Media icon you just added into signature and click on the Hyperlink Icon (next to Picture Icon)


  • In the Insert Hyperlink window, copy or type the URL starting with http:// of your social site that matches with the icon (your Twitter profile URL with the Twitter icon) > select OK
  • Repeat the step 4 and 5 for the each Social Media Icon you inserted

Top Tip:
You can add text before the Icons such as Connect with me or Follow us here. Providing Taglinelink to you latest blog post is also a great idea. Just type the title of the post and highlight it. Now click on the Hyperlink Icon and type the URL of your blog post.


Step 6: Set your Signature as Default

  • If this is your first signature, Outlook will automatically set it as a Default Signature for New Messages. I recommend using it also for Replies/Forwards (click and select the signature from scroll down menu)

That’s it! 🙂

Got a Question or having troubles with above steps?

No problem, we are ready and happy to help!

Our friendly team of IT specialist can follow the steps with you remotely so you can become an expert in creating effective Email Signatures!

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